…and we are?

 Me&U are a couple whose core values and ideology of living a life of balance (the body, the intellect and the spirit) unit them in a blissful relationship.They strongly believe in living life to the hilt and that one shouldn’t be a spectator in ones own life. They simply refuse to live vicariously through others and share a healthy dislike of routine. Driven by a desire to be true to who they are as individuals and as a couple they often push the envelope, even if that means not fitting the mould, keeping up with the Jones’ and raising a few eyebrows along the way.

They invite you to tag along as they share musings on a large range of topics divided into three categories – Body, Mind and Soul. You’ll find everything from recipes for healthy and easy meals, fun, physical activities, rants, ideas for romance, and thoughts of existentialism all the way to the joys of sexual explorations and gratification! Some topics will even meander between the categories – after all when life is balanced all three elements are often engaged simultaneously.

Join them as they live out their motto: Life is a series of experiences to be lived first hand!



4 responses to “…and we are?

  1. I think this is a perfect description, congratulations on starting this. I can’t wait to read your first posts. I’ve always thought that you two are a wealth of knowledge and it’s only fair that you share it with the rest of us common mortals!!

    so, hurry up already!! 😉
    – Your CC

  2. Looking good (kids)… Looking real good 😉

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