Balancing body, mind and soul!


The delightful pursuit of honing our ability to balance body, mind and soul!

Here are the categories of things you will find on our blog, as it grows we will do what we can to make things easier for you to find!

Body (ex: Health, Activities, Food)

Thai Massage (The Art of Stretching)

Bouillabaise (seafood soup)

The Romance of Snowshoes (winter sport)

Mind (ex: Opinions, Thoughts, Self discovery)

Slow Fashion (smart clothing)

Soul (ex: Art, Sex, Spirituality)

Winter Solstice (The history of Christmas)


2 responses to “Balancing body, mind and soul!

  1. oooh, nice idea to show us where to find stuff. you might consider putting the list of categories on your right sidebar too, i find that’s often used by readers. not vital now, but when you do get a lot of posts, it will help (and i’m wondering if it will save you updating this page manually each time, unless it’s automatic?)


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